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Head of Operations/COO's Zoom Forum - Part 2

Head Of Operations Coo's Zoom

Last week saw Cornwallis Elt host the second of our virtual forums of 2021, with more Heads of Operations and COOs within the Asset Management industry facilitated again by our own Henry Hickley.

Similar to the first session, the theme was focusing on responses to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and challenges of working from home. Discussions ranged from observed changes in the numbers of errors being made in-house (and by downstream suppliers), how to maintain corporate culture and finally “burnout” of middle managers and other staff. Thanks to Angus Schumacher at Edentree Investment Management for leading this session.

We were asked at the meeting to organise a follow up for our clients on a new topic of 'Smart Working' and the 'Future Role of the Office' – likely to be set for early March.