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New Hires

training programme

We are very proud that many of our most successful consultants joined Cornwallis Elt fresh out of University, or with only a few months' work experience, and within a short time were already contributing to their team's success. Fast forward a few years and many of our trainees have gone on to become respected and trusted recruitment consultants, working closely with prestigious clients and highly skilled candidates. Its hard work but can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

This is an outline of what you can expect within your training programme when you join Cornwallis Elt:

Week 1: Induction Week

Here is where your journey begins! We recognise the huge step you are making by entering not only the recruitment industry, but most likely also in taking your first step into the corporate world. This first week is a broad introduction to the company including everything from health and safety, basic recruitment processes, an introduction to the CRM system and an introduction to the financial markets or media world, plus all the essential tools you need to get started. There will be some interactive sessions including role plays and practice workshops, followed by at the desk coaching around initial candidate calls. 

Week 2: Candidate Vetting

Having now completed some theory, under supervision, you will spend the next week putting into practice what you have learnt so far. With your fellow academy members, you will start making candidate calls and working with different team members covering all areas of the technology and business sectors that we specialise in. By the end of week two, you should start to feel a little more confident and knowledgeable about our core areas. 

Week 3: Deployment

You are now over half way through your first month! Hopefully the learning curve is on track and we will now ‘deploy’ you to one of our teams. Here you will be assigned a desk ‘coach’ or mentor who will help guide you through your next steps. Your mentor will hold regular one to one meetings with you to assist and support on your transition from the academy to becoming a team member, alongside ongoing at the desk coaching. By now, you will have had a number of roles to practice your new found skills on.

Week 4: Resourcers GO LIVE!

This is it, GO LIVE! Live roles, live adverts, live calls! You will remain fully supported by the team as you begin working live vacancies and sending CVs to our clients. As a Resourcer, your job is to provide support to multiple Consultants within your team, the main function being to identify suitable candidates for their roles. You will be working to identify and contact suitable candidates and share details of the opportunities with them, gathering all the initial information we require to assess and represent them to our clients.

Weeks 5-8

During your second month you will continue to work vacancies whilst receiving regular coaching from your team and mentor, as well as attending many more theory based training sessions covering all aspects of our industry from regulations to business and functional areas. You will be given a specific topic relating to your area and will be asked to research and present your findings. You should be getting close to making your first placements!

Weeks 9-12

Continuing to fine tune your skills, you will now be on your way to becoming a rounded, trustworthy Resourcer who can start to work independently and ultimately add real value to your team. This is your probation month, once passed you will be setting your sights on doing regular deals, getting promoted to Senior Resourcer and a recruitment career beyond.

Months 4 to 12

Your training will continue throughout this period ranging from informal lunchtime sessions to formal sales training and always, learning more and more about technology. By now you will undoubtedly be finding areas and niches within which your knowledge is starting to build and your networks are starting to establish themselves. We will be hoping to see you gain your first promotion to Senior Resourcer, before conversations commence around stepping up to Consultant level.