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permanent recruitment

Whilst we apply the same intensity and drive to our permanent recruitment as we do for contract, we recognise that permanent motivations, aspirations and recruitment processes can be somewhat different. They require their own unique approach to seek out the right candidate for the long term, over and above the urgent need to provide resource in a matter of hours. This may mean extra time to understand our client’s requirements, the cultural subtleties of the role and the longer term career path on offer. Equally, it might in turn take longer to proactively seek out the right candidate who is perhaps not actively looking to change jobs right now.

With all permanent recruitment we would expect to conduct in-depth candidate interviews with one of our consultants, maybe also working alongside our client to provide or administer technical testing, personality profiling or assessment days. Whatever the process, our clients can rely upon detailed and honest notes accompanying CVs and an objective assessment of candidates and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

We will also be on hand throughout the recruitment process, providing extensive briefings to candidates, comprehensive and honest interview feedback on both sides and working in partnership with line, RPO and HR contacts to manage the process in a timely fashion. We will help you complete the process through negotiating the right package for all parties, handling counter offer situations, guiding individuals where needed through resignation and undertaking all necessary reference and pre-employment checks. And beyond the start date, our post placement care and follow up is a big part of what we do; the relationship does not end when a candidate signs on the dotted line.

  • ​"Excellent, I cannot fault it. You were very responsive when I initially applied for the role, then kept me in the loop when there was a chance to interview. The interview was organised promptly and I was given clear and accurate feedback as to when I would likely hear back. This was really important. When I got the offer the on-boarding experience was very smooth. Now I’m on day 3 of the job and really enjoying it!"

    Jeff Jones