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Diversity & Inclusion

diversity & inclusion

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion has rightly become centre stage for all businesses in the 21st Century. At Cornwallis Elt, we are committed to pursuing policies of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, not only as an employer in our own right, but also as a provider of recruitment services. It's not just about doing the right thing, there are also significant benefits for our business in doing so.

We have a company-wide non-discrimination policy across gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership and disability. We appreciate the value to all businesses in having a diverse workforce; by pursuing this we can create stronger teams with greater depth of talents, views, and experience. 

Driven by our Board, we have created numerous training courses to make a policy of inclusion part of our DNA, including covering the often overlooked area of unconscious bias. By attracting, retaining, and growing diverse talent through our own internal hiring policy, we have furthermore achieved a good balance of gender, age, ethnicity, and different backgrounds in our team. Without doubt, this has contributed significantly to our growth and success. 

We are proud to have worked in partnership with many of our clients, in both the collection of data and in helping them drive and promote diversity within their resourcing activities. Collaborations with clients have included targeted recruitment campaigns designed to achieve diversified candidate shortlists and addressing how they can partner with agencies to achieve their D&I targets through both physical and online events. 

Please visit two of our industry spotlight areas; Women in Tech, a specific sub sector of D&I in which we have undertaken significant work to promote gender diversity within the technology industries, and learn about what we are doing to promote Ethnicity Diversity within our recruitment activities both internally and externally. 

Women in Tech

Ethnicity Diversity