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your customer journey

At Cornwallis Elt, we are committed to offering a great candidate experience. We see our candidates as the lifeblood of our business and in many cases some of our best and most loyal clients have started their relationships with us as applicants looking for a new role.

We understand that changing jobs or securing a new contract is an important and often nerve-wracking time, so we aim to be understanding, professional and highly focused on providing the best customer experience that we can.

So, what can you expect from working with Cornwallis Elt? For a start, we are based in the heart of the City of London and within easy access of the West End or Docklands, so whether it is a formal interview in our offices or a coffee offsite, we are keen to meet you in person; it’s the first stage of getting to know you and making sure that we can represent you properly to our clients. In the current Covid-19 environment this is not always possible, but in recent years we have also built state of the art video conferencing facilities to supplement this.

You should certainly find that all our Consultants and Researchers are knowledgeable in their sectors. You can expect detailed knowledge of the assignments we are working on, in-depth interview briefings about our clients, the roles, recruitment processes and accurate and prompt feedback as soon as we receive it. We will be transparent (even if it means telling you that we can’t help), with the aim of building relationships for the long term and gaining your respect as a trusted recruitment partner.

For our contractors, you will want to know that you are in safe hands with regards to legal contracts, regulations and invoicing. ​And you may also be interested to learn about our approach to Diversity & Inclusion.

Please visit our legal page here

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  • ​"Very impressive. I have found it unusual for a consultant to keep me up to date as efficiently as she did throughout. A very pleasant surprise."

    Peter Barnes