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Ethnicity Diversity

a dedicated ethnicity Diversity committee and plan

In early 2021, following a suggestion from within our team, we set up a dedicated Ethnicity Diversity group as part of our broader drive within the ED&I space. To date, we have been focused on:

  • Creating a starting point to discuss the subjects of ethnicity diversity and racism, and inviting views and input from across the business on what we can do.

  • Making a commitment to tackle racism wherever we find it, not just trying to be compliant.

  • Engaging more with our clients on how they are trying to achieve greater ethnic diversity in their recruitment activities.

  • Delivering an introductory presentation to all employees on our aims and ambitions.

  • Delivering a specific training session on Unconscious Bias (covering different types of bias such as affinity, anchoring, attribution error, confirmation, group think, halo & horns, in-group and stereotype).

  • Gathering initial high level estimates and statistics on both our internal and external recruitment.

  • Attending more diversity events to increase our understanding and knowledge levels.

  • Committing to sharing our reporting and data with our diversity partners such as the Tech Talent Charter.

  • Establishing the concept of a "safe space", where people can raise potential issues.

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we are making a commitment to tackle racism wherever we find it,

not just trying to be compliant

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A few of our statistics so far

  • During 2020 and 2021 approximately 55% of our placements with our clients were from white ethnic groups, with 45% from ethnic minority groups.

  • As for 2022 approximately 51% of our placements with our clients were form white ethnic groups, with an increase to 49% from ethnic minority groups.

  • During H1 in 2022 thus far, around 14% of our placements were from black minority groups, which is considerably higher than the UK average within the I.T industry of 2%.

  • Of our current employees in 2022, around 75% are white and 25% are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

  • 50% of our annual top 3 billers over the last 6 years have been from ethnic minority groups.