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Data management & curation - a view from the buy-side | Industry Forum

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Our latest ‘View from the Top’ industry forum was a colourful two-parter, focusing on data management and curation on the buy-side. 

In our first event, Riju Sathyan, Head of Transformation at Fidelity Investments, led tech and transformation leaders from asset management, hedge funds, private equity, FinTech plus a couple of firms outside the industry through a spirited debate.

Amongst many insights explored in this wide-ranging debate were the benefits of focusing on one data subject at a time and driving its transformation end-to-end, the importance of executive/partner level sponsorship of data ownership, and the impact of an occasional unwillingness to share data across desks in a competitive financial market’s environment.

Andy Pickardof Hayfin Capital Management LLP, led our second discussion which covered many dimensions of data infrastructure with participants from the hedge fund, private equity, private credit, asset management and insurance industries.

Key discussion points included the challenge of letting go of the central control of data, the difficulties of a chief data officer function, the benefits of devolving data ownership and the need to get the basics right in data before embarking on AI/ML initiatives.

About a 'View from the Top'

Our ‘View from the Top’ forums are confidential sessions aimed at giving industry leaders within the asset management, investment banking and insurance markets a space to converse, solve problems and share solutions on the industry and talent challenges faced by a variety of organisations.

If you are interested in joining a future forum, please contact Henry Hickley,